Moscow Mule

Our good friend Scott introduced us to this refreshing cocktail

He even gave us a bottle of Ginger Beer to start off with

So, I did some research and came up with this recipe that now has us hooked on

Moscow Mules at Happy Hour!

You’ll need Ginger Beer (this is a non alcoholic soda – we like the Saranac brand the best), vodka, fresh lime and fresh mint sprigs

 These are traditionally served in copper mugs

The first few times I made Moscow Mules, I just served them in mason jars

But, since we were trying to embrace the spirit of this cocktail,

I bought the copper mugs

They really do keep the cocktail super chilled!


Not to mention they look cool!


Simply Sundays! ~ Moscow Mule

  • Servings: Makes 2 Cocktails
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Makes 2 cocktails

12 oz bottle of Ginger Beer

4 oz vodka

1/2 fresh lime, squeezed

fresh mint for serving

If using copper mugs, it’s best to have them chilling in the freezer

Fill your serving cup with ice

Each cocktail gets 6 oz Ginger Beer, 2 oz vodka and a healthy squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Give a light stir just to mix the ingredients – you don’t want to lose your bubbles!

Serve with fresh mint

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  1. Cool drink, and I’ve never seen it in Moscow, or in any Russian restaurants and clubs, for that matter!

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