Show me how

Show me how to carve up a whole loin of pork

Okay let me start by saying I’m not a professional butcher
But I like to save some money, so I try to buy meat and “butcher” it on my own
That said, you can get a really nice large cut of pork loin for a decent price because your buying a bulk product
This is roughly two feet of pork that you can get quite a few meals out of and save money
Start on the left and move in about 8 inches and make a cut
That’s one Loin pork roast
Go another 6-8 inches and you have another roast
Judge size by usage….meaning is this for my family or my family and guests
Now lets go with some boneless pork chops that are cut a little thick
I like boneless pork chops a little thicker because they are very lean and stuffing them can add a lot of flavor
Cut 1-1/12 inches thick
And cut
And cut
And cut some more
Now onto the tail or back end of the loin
I like this section for stew
There is darker richer meat and more fat, perfect for longer cooking
Cut like you would for boneless chops
Then trim off most of the fat and cut into even sized chunks
The more even the sizes, the more even the cooking
Here I took one long pork loin and carved out a large pork roast for guests, a smaller pork roast for just our family, four thick pork chops that would really be great stuffed and pork stew meat that I use in multiple recipes
See my recipes for all these different cuts below

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