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Show me how to process a large salmon filet

Buying a large cut of any protein will save you money in the long run
Here I will show you how to trim and carve up a very large filet of salmon into smaller proportions for your guestsLay your filet on a cutting board and run your finger down the center line of the fish to look for any pin or small bones that may get left behind when the fillet is being removed from the fish

Next I like to trim off the lower belly meat of the filet
This typically has fattier stronger tasting meat
When you flip your filet over you will see a gray line down the center
This is called the blood line, typically the oils and blood in the filet settle here and have a heavier richer flavor
I gently trim some of this out

 Ok, it’s time to filet your filet
Well, let’s just say cut the bigger filet into smaller portions
Keep your hand out of the way and gently cut through the fish
You can even lay the fillets on top to use a  guide for cutting
And cut
And now you have some nice sandwich size fillets

And there you have it!

You bought a larger, less expensive cut and processed it yourself

Check out my great salmon recipe below for these beautiful fillets!

Seared Salmon Sandwich

Large salmon filet
sharp knife

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