Homemade Veggie Stock

Who doesn’t love something for nothing??

Well, that’s kind of what homemade veggie stock is like.

There are always scraps and peelings and shavings and skins left over when preparing fresh veggies.

So.. save them!  I like to keep a gallon freezer bag at the ready to store all of my scraps and when it’s full, to the crock pot or pressure cooker!

Vegetable stock is a fat free, healthy and delicious alternative to chicken or beef stock.

So many applications…
Stock for soup is a given.
Replace the water when making rice or quinoa with veggie stock.
Poaching liquid for fish…
Anything you would normally use beef or chicken broth.  And it’s much lighter and more delicate.

I save onion ends/skins, carrot peels, garlic ends/skins, parsley, zucchini, green beans, mushrooms etc.

I avoid using veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower in the stock. Vegetables from the cruciferous family will make your stock bitter.
I also avoid using strong fresh herbs such as rosemary or sage in the veggie stock.

So here are the super simple steps to making your own stock.
Save, save, save… once your freezer bag is full, place contents in a crock pot or pressure cooker.

I just happened to use a pressure cooker in this instance because I wanted to make soup on the quick side, but the results are just the same in the crock.

Add 8 cups of water to the pot and a healthy pinch of salt.
Cover and cook on high for 4 hours in a crock pot, or 15 minutes in the pressure cooker.
(Pressure cookers vary, so check cooking time on the manufacturers instructions.)

Strain solids into a colander over a large bowl

 Strain broth again through a fine sieve over a pot

Add in Everyday Seasoning and a few bay leaves.
Bring broth to a boil and re-season to taste.

There you have it!  Easy, delicious, HEALTHY veggie stock!

I store in a mason jar for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Simply Sundays note:  keep in mind, since the amount/type of vegetables you are using will be different each time you make the stock, the taste will vary.


Homemade Veggie Stock

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


1 gallon of assorted vegetable scraps
8 cups water
kosher salt
Everyday Seasoning (Garlic & onion powders, kosher salt, ground black pepper)
bay leaves


Place scraps, water and kosher salt in crock pot or pressure cooker.
Cook on high in crock for 4 hours or according to manufacturers directions in a pressure cooker.

Strain out solids over a large bowl
Pour broth into pot over a fine sieve
Add in seasonings and bay leaves; bring stock to a boil
Re-season to taste
Store for up to 2 weeks in the fridge

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