Lemon-Thyme Prosecco

A Sparkling Prosecco cocktail with a hint of lemon and slightly floral fresh thyme

A perfect Holiday drink!

Aside from how delicious this cocktail is, I love how easy it is to prep ahead of time and let your guests build their own drink

Anyone who has been to our house knows that the first drink, my husband and I being the gracious hosts that we are, will gladly pour for you.  After that, we hope you feel enough at home to just help yourself!

I’ve frozen fresh lemonade in an ice cube tray overnight.  Now you do have a few options with this ingredient.  You can make homemade lemonade with simple syrup and fresh lemons OR you can use store bought lemonade.  I won’t tell if you won’t

Choose your favorite Prosecco (or Champagne) and have the lemonade cubes and fresh thyme sprigs at the ready


What’s the difference between Prosecco and Champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling wine from France and Prosecco is sparkling wine from Italy

Champagne is a product of the Champagne region of France and is made using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.

Prosecco wine originates from the village of Prosecco, located near the city of Trieste in northeastern Italy.

Fun fact is that we’re Poggios and the Prosecco I used for this recipe is… you’ve guessed it, Poggio Prosecco!  Poggio is a little village in Tuscany.  We haven’t yet visited, but it’s for sure on the bucket list!

Each glass needs one frozen lemonade cube and a long sprig of fresh thyme

Fill the glass with icy cold Prosecco or Champagne and serve!  It’s that simple!


A perfectly refreshing cocktail for warm Summer parties and equally as perfect as an elegant Holiday drink!


So freeze up some lemonade cubes and enjoy with your favorite Happy Hour friends!

Two bubbly glasses of prosecco with thyme sprigs on an orange cloth


Simply Sunday's ~ Lemon Thyme Prosecco

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Prosecco or Champagne

Frozen lemonade cubes

Fresh thyme sprigs


Add one frozen lemonade cube and a long sprig of fresh thyme to each glass

Fill the glass with icy cold Prosecco or Champagne and serve

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