Show me how to chiffonade basil

How many times have you heard a chef say “add in a chiffonade of basil”… and wondered what they meant??

Chiffonade is a fancy schmancy way to say… roll and slice!

Look how easy it will be to impress your friends during your next dinner party


Stack fresh basil leaves on top of each other from largest to small…


Roll the stack of leaves up like a cigar

Or maybe it’s better to say into a tube because it’s doubtful that any of us have ever rolled up a cigar


Slice down on the rolled basil with a sharp knife in thin slices

Continue all the way up the roll…

 Fluff up the thinly sliced leaves and….

 Presto!  You are now a basil chiffonade master!


 Told you it was easy!

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