Show me how

Show me how to cut an avocado

Cutting avocados used to be tricky, until I learned this easy way that works great every time.
Make sure your avocado is ripe, but not too soft
With a sharp knife, slit the avocado skin lengthwise
Once you cut completely around, twist each half in opposite directions and
now the two sides can be easily pulled apart
Mmmm… avocado
Firmly place the blade of the knife into the pit
And twist counter clockwise
(clockwise if you’re a lefty!)
Pop the pit right out!
With the tip of the knife, cut through to the inside skin in lines legnthwise
Careful not to poke through to your hand!
It may be wiser to use a butter knife for this step
Now cut across the width to make a cross hatch
 Slip a spoon in and simply scoop out the avocado chunks!
So many uses for delicious avocado, to try our super Easy Guacamole!

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