Show me how to make Homemade Vanilla Extract

As a kid, I remember opening up our spice cabinet and getting a whiff of the unmistakably warm & fragrant smell of fresh vanilla beans

I am immediately transported back to my childhood when I make a batch of this inexpensive and flavorful Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you’ve ever bought a bottle of pure vanilla extract, you know how good it is, but how pricey it can be!

All you need is a dark glass (vanilla reacts to sunlight, so if clear is your only option, keep it in a dark place) , a couple of fresh vanilla beans, some good quality vodka and some patience


The jar I found was 4 ounces, but you could double the ingredients if you choose to use 8 ounces

All you need to do is slice the vanilla beans lengthwise to expose the bajillions of little black seeds

Smell it.  It’s no wonder they make vanilla scented candles

Scrape the seeds out and put both the seeds and pods in the jar


Fill with good quality vodka and give it a shake

You can also use either bourbon or rum as the alcohol to make this extract, but I like that the vodka has no real taste of it’s own and the vanilla flavor takes center stage

Store the Homemade Vanilla Extract in a dark, cool place for 30 days, shaking periodically

It’s worth the wait, trust me

Now get baking!  Or gifting!  Who wouldn’t love a bottle of Homemade Vanilla Extract for the Holidays!



Simply Sundays! ~ Homemade Vanilla Extract

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2 fresh vanilla beans

4 oz good quality vodka


Slit open 2 fresh vanilla beans and scrape out seeds

Put in dark colored bottle with 4 oz. good quality vodka

Shake and store in a cool, dark place for 30 days, shaking occasionally

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